Standing at the window pane
Gazing intently at the cerulean sky
Watching and waiting
For the days to go bye

For that day to come
When the world says welcome
And I can discover this earth

Jumping out of a jet
Climbing Kilimanjaro
Peering in the pyramids

It’s not just a dream
It’s my upcoming reality
That I will ensure
And take my slightly obscure
Yet life changing world tour

I don’t want to be stuck
In a mundane rut
Which includes the notorious 9-5

I want to leap into the unknown
I don’t want to be a robot
Or a clone

My eyes don’t see what you see
I see beauty in mystery
You see certificates and success

You might call it optimism
Or naivety
But I’m calling it bravery
Because that’s what it takes
To be different in this society

Leaping, running, gliding, flying
Is what I want to do
Tear up the map
Pick up my feet
And go.

I don’t want to survive
I want to live.

Written nearly a decade ago when I was around 16 years old and posted now because sometimes we need a little reminder about life from our younger selves.

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