A Guide to Mithai (Indian Sweets)

Gulab Jamun Of course we're starting with the most irresistible of the bunch! These syrupy donut like balls are made from flour and milk powder/condensed milk and drenched in a sweet sugary syrup often flavoured with cardamom, rose water and saffron. No one can say no to some of these sticky balls in their mouth!... Continue Reading →

Lord Sugar’s Dough Has Never Tasted So Sweet

Disclaimer: I visited this cafe back in February B.C (before corona) and recently found the review. I felt like posting it now because it took me back to a life of freedom, less restrictions, when we could sit inside cafe's for as long as we wanted...ah to have such a life again. Tucked away behind... Continue Reading →

No, Its Not Chai Tea

As turmeric, yoga and chai become ever more popular in the western world, there are little things that may get lost in this cultural transmission. Looking at the boards of your local Starbucks as a non-Indian, you may think chai is something additional to the tea, like Starbucks may mislead you to think buy calling... Continue Reading →

Is veganism causing harm to the planet?

There is a trend of veganism on the rise. The days of there being no choice of a vegetarian option and vegan substitutes being unavailable are rapidly diminishing. The taunts of surviving on rabbit food are slowly being replaced with some awe at your endurance for being on the sixth month of your dietary change.... Continue Reading →

Berry Easy Quarantine Cake Bake

As we delve deeper into the quarantine period, the smell of freshly baked breads and cakes seem to be wafting from more kitchens than ever. People are baking so much during the lockdown, the flour aisles in supermarkets were emptied quicker than you could get that toilet roll supply in the boot of your car.... Continue Reading →

Dalgona Mocha: The Viral Trend with a Twist

As the option of dining out has been eliminated till further notice, many of us have retreated to our kitchens to create delicious dining experiences at home. This has also expanded to those decadently decorated instagrammable beverages we usually spend a small fortune on in the outside world. It feels like a distant memory when... Continue Reading →

10 Foods For Good Gut Bacteria

Our gut bacteria have been linked to numerous conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, depression, anxiety and even autism. Research has exploded in this field and has shown our gut microbiomes can both influence and be influenced by our mental and physical health. Having a diet with foods that can promote healthy bacteria is important... Continue Reading →

An Improptu Cheese and Wine Night at Cheezelo

I was in the Bloomsbury area and had a little free time after heading home. Pondering where the wind could take me, I saw numerous cafes I could go in for a coffee and a cake, but this wasn’t appealing to me. I began my walk to the tube station and went by a cheese... Continue Reading →

Pretty in Pink at Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen immediately conjures up images of pretty pink flowers, dainty pink cutlery and an adorable explosion of pink. It is one of the girliest, busiest, most instagrammed bakeries in London. I have passed it many times and seen queues of people lining up to get a lick of their cakes (and to have a... Continue Reading →

First Meal in Brussels – Peck 47: A Review

At the start of January, 2020, I decided to quit my job, travel for a bit and regain some clarity in life. It was the first day of my European travels and despite the lack of sleep, I was running of an adrenaline rush fuelled by my thirst to see the sights, explore the culture... Continue Reading →

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