Bollywood Meets Nollywood in Namaste Wahala

Bollywood combines with Nollywood, in a film that will excite audiences of both industries. Namaste Wahala is the directorial debut of Hamisha Daryani Ahuja, an international speaker and entrepreneur. The movie will be eagerly awaited by black and brown audiences that view movies of both industries as the worlds converge and grace our screens (it... Continue Reading →

Decolonizing our history

I went to an event entitled ‘decolonizing history’ at the School of Oriental and African Studies in November 2019, which displayed a series of audio stories, created all by women of colour. It is 2020, yet that sentence still has a slight novelty about it. It is still not as common as it should be... Continue Reading →

A trip to Madeira

I have been to mainland Portugal before but this little gem of an island surprised me. I was expecting Lisbon with even better weather (as it shares the same longitude as Morocco), typically yellow sandy beaches and similar flora and fauna to home. What I did see was far more spectacular. Yes, I could see... Continue Reading →

Veganism In Our Closets

Veganism has been on the rise throughout our cafes, restaurants and supermarkets for a number of years now. Meat free substitutes, healthy grains and avocados are all the rage right now. However, veganism is also causing a revolution in our wardrobe, footwear and handbag choices. There has been a substantial increase of products registering with... Continue Reading →

Traveling as a Vegetarian

I went to Madeira in August 2019, where the cuisine of choice for many is their fresh seafood. As a vegetarian myself and travelling with a large group of predominantly vegetarian family members, finding a suitable restaurant proved a challenge almost trickier to achieve than completing one of their famous levada walks. With some planning... Continue Reading →

Brunching on the South Side of the River

Smashed avocado on toast, latte art, sprinkles of chia seeds and the perfect Instagram filter. Brunch has really cemented itself as a fixture on our Sunday mornings and on our timelines. What may have begun as a relaxed lazy way to nurse your hangover or enjoy your Sunday morning has now become a race to... Continue Reading →

A Short Introduction to Kenyan Indians In Britain

Whilst this cultural combination might seem paradoxical to some, the two go together like tea biscuits. North Indians, notably Gujarati’s migrated during the 1890's to help build the Kenya-Uganda railway. Since then, more Indians migrated to settle in the east African countries of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. There were often culture clashes between the native... Continue Reading →

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga: A Different Romance Story For Bollywood

You may have heard of the recent Bollywood film Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga. Although Hollywood films generally take more attention worldwide, this movie is ground breaking because it is the first mainstream Bollywood movie to feature a lesbian relationship to not be banned in India. It has received great attention and whilst... Continue Reading →

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