A One Day Walking Tour of London

London is an enthralling city with so many sights to see, delights to discover and treasures to explore. It can be difficult to know where to begin with so much choice but the best way to get the most out of any city is to put on those sneakers and get out the trusty google... Continue Reading →

And We Have Lift Off

Ever since I was a kid, I could never sleep the night before an early morning flight. The excitement of going on holiday was too strong and won over the weaker need for sleep. This has not changed as I have grown older but arguably not so much wiser, as nothing can get me to... Continue Reading →

A Life in Trainers

Look at where your footsteps have gone,The prints they’ve left behind,The excitement they’ve felt,The blood and sweat they’ve had trickling out of them into a pair of sole’s Expose your shoes to the elements.Let them breathe, soak up life,Fire up a dance floor, walk the earth. Wear them outTill your feet scream and shout.Explore.Make your... Continue Reading →


Standing at the window paneGazing intently at the cerulean skyWatching and waitingFor the days to go bye For that day to comeWhen the world says welcomeAnd I can discover this earth Jumping out of a jetClimbing KilimanjaroPeering in the pyramids It’s not just a dreamIt’s my upcoming realityThat I will ensureAnd take my slightly obscureYet... Continue Reading →

One Day in Basel on a Budget

I was staying in French town Colmar, when I decided to spontaneously take a day trip to Basel, Switzerland, which was less than an hour away by train. Everyone is aware of how expensive Switzerland is, and my pockets never really accounted for the Swiss Alps whilst I was on holiday, but I thought I... Continue Reading →

Want A Relaxing Getaway? Try Fishing For Your Mental Health

Getting Away for Your Wellbeing Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the daily stresses of life that we need a holiday to find a little enjoyment, peace and relaxation. It’s a good idea to take some time out if we’re feeling burnout, things are getting too fast paced or if we’re feeling down, or... Continue Reading →

LGBT Travel – Around The Globe

If you identify as member of the LGBTQAI+ group, you may often feel you’re restricted to travelling to certain countries, especially if in a same sex couple. Whilst LGBT acceptance is increasing throughout the world, there are still many places where it remains illegal or is incredibly dangerous. No one wants to be reminded that... Continue Reading →

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