Obscurity. The state of being unknown, inconspicuous, or unimportant. Unimportant, insignificant…small. It’s an unconscious fear Something we wish to never hear. Something people will never tell us. ‘You’ll be president someday, cure cancer, bring peace to the Middle East’ ….No. Chances are you won’t matter much before you’re deceased. Who knows when you’ll reach the... Continue Reading →

Make Up

Eyelash curler. Make me look sharp. Eyeliner. Define my eyes. I want people to be surprised, change their perspective. A touch of blush. Make my cheeks more definitive. Cover up my pasty skin so people see I have emotions. Though it appears embarrassment or humiliation may be more pronounced, As the pink tinge should suggest... Continue Reading →

A Life in Trainers

Look at where your footsteps have gone,The prints they’ve left behind,The excitement they’ve felt,The blood and sweat they’ve had trickling out of them into a pair of sole’s Expose your shoes to the elements.Let them breathe, soak up life,Fire up a dance floor, walk the earth. Wear them outTill your feet scream and shout.Explore.Make your... Continue Reading →


I feel lostSlightly b r ok e n insideAs if something’s been smashed to smithereensOr the rock pumping my blood is slowly imploding Yet there’s a burning sensationA fickle yet encouraging ray of hopeDeceptive? Probably.But not enough to stop me waiting for something ExtraOrdinaryWhich will help break the barriersI built around me Hush the tearsDry... Continue Reading →


Standing at the window paneGazing intently at the cerulean skyWatching and waitingFor the days to go bye For that day to comeWhen the world says welcomeAnd I can discover this earth Jumping out of a jetClimbing KilimanjaroPeering in the pyramids It’s not just a dreamIt’s my upcoming realityThat I will ensureAnd take my slightly obscureYet... Continue Reading →

Fight or Flight

Hands shaking, palms sweatingHeart beating, mouth dryingThe acute stress response system starts kicking inSlowly, the words I’m meant to say, I start forgettingThis has happened so often, I find it tiring There’s no microphone, no stage, no camera to record meAt least that bits comfortingThe scars from last time are all too vividSo for a... Continue Reading →

A World Transformed

Eerily empty streets punctuated with people in small pockets.Grocery stores, off licenses and takeaways are the only establishments that draw a breath.They’re the only places reaping any kind of the profits,Amidst a row full of shutters, to help slow the rate of burgeoning death. It’s Saturday night and with few people scattered around,I take in... Continue Reading →

What Are We Allowed To Be?

Written over 6 years ago hence some of the references may be outdated, but I believe the overall message is still relevant today for many. Be warned: This may take more than a minute to read, but I hope you enjoy it despite it! ‘You can be anything you want to be!’ they said.‘You’ll grow... Continue Reading →


Look at me.What do you see?A tall slender white woman?That means I’ve won the genetic lottery,According to the majority of society that view me.History has left a legacy that may not be as visible,But like phantom limbs, still remain. What if you looked at me and saw a beige girl trying to become a model?Make... Continue Reading →


Me too.I think. How much do I have to have been subjected to, to be part of the subject?How many times do I have to be objectified and ogled at till I am purely seen as an object? How far do the unwanted touches have to go for the merely queasy feeling I get in... Continue Reading →

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