A One Day Walking Tour of London

London is an enthralling city with so many sights to see, delights to discover and treasures to explore. It can be difficult to know where to begin with so much choice but the best way to get the most out of any city is to put on those sneakers and get out the trusty google... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Explore New York City from Your Couch

New York City is the world’s concrete jungle awash with equal parts glitz, glamour and grit. It’s the metropolis that’s always awake, the backdrop to numerous movies and features on thousands of peoples bucket lists. Recently the city has become an epicentre of the COVID-19 crisis and like the rest of the world; it has... Continue Reading →

A Little More Local: Traipsing Around Amsterdam For The Day

Some cities always make you feel like you're coming home. For me, Amsterdam is one of them. I have been here before and was just visiting for a day so I didn't have to be a tourist the second time around, which of course added to the feeling of coming home. I really was coming... Continue Reading →

Bag-Jacked in Brussels

The first day of my month long European travels were filled with a mixture of excitement, wonder, fatigue induced adrenaline and adventure, which later descending into a fear induced panic and an unexpected trip to a police station which 180’ed back into jubilation. That day had more twists and turns than colossus at Thorpe Park.... Continue Reading →

Meeting Mary Jane in Amsterdam

The Legal Bit Smoking, ingesting or consuming marijuana in some shape or form is almost a rite of passage for anyone visiting the canal lined city of Amsterdam. Whilst many tourists may assume the drug is legal here, it is actually decriminalised and the majority of coffee shops are highlighted with a green and white... Continue Reading →

And We Have Lift Off

Ever since I was a kid, I could never sleep the night before an early morning flight. The excitement of going on holiday was too strong and won over the weaker need for sleep. This has not changed as I have grown older but arguably not so much wiser, as nothing can get me to... Continue Reading →

Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis when Flying

What Is DVT? Deep vein thrombosis is when a blood clot forms in a deep vein and blocks blood flow. It can happen when sitting in a confined space for long periods of time, like in an aeroplane. Many people want to snooze or watch several back to back movies on their in flight entertainment... Continue Reading →

The Fantastical Quartiere Coppedè

Tucked away in a corner of Rome, away from the tourists traversing in a frenzied manner for their next sight to check of their list, is a magical architectural marvel. The Quartiere Coppedè was brought to existence by Florentine architect, Gino Coppedè in 1919, hence the name sake and he tirelessly worked on it until... Continue Reading →

One Day in Basel on a Budget

I was staying in French town Colmar, when I decided to spontaneously take a day trip to Basel, Switzerland, which was less than an hour away by train. Everyone is aware of how expensive Switzerland is, and my pockets never really accounted for the Swiss Alps whilst I was on holiday, but I thought I... Continue Reading →

First Meal in Brussels – Peck 47: A Review

At the start of January, 2020, I decided to quit my job, travel for a bit and regain some clarity in life. It was the first day of my European travels and despite the lack of sleep, I was running of an adrenaline rush fuelled by my thirst to see the sights, explore the culture... Continue Reading →

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