Why consistent exercise is great for your mental health

Exercising can produce a myriad of benefits, with the most blatant benefit being the impact on your physical health. It does a lot more than toning our glutes so our legs look amazing in that dress though. It has a tremendous impact on our mental health, and it is now widely known that plenty of feel good endorphins are released with physical activity. However, there are other benefits working out can have on our mind which include the following.

Provides a Routine

Going to the gym or an exercise class can help set ourselves a routine, which allows us to feel more organised. It provides a set time which is our own, within what may otherwise be a chaotic day or week. The routine also allows us to consistently maintain our exercise in a sustainable way.

Make Those Gains – in Confidence

For many, taking the first step into the gym or a salsa class requires the most effort, due to some kind of external unnerving emotions of apprehension or fear we may feel. After taking that first step, we can be encouraged to feel more comfortable in that space and increase our self-confidence as we improve at our chosen exercise venture.

Learning a New Skill

Even by going to the gym, you can learn to lift weights properly and learn how best to increase your strength or stamina. It is clear you will learn a new skill if you take up that Zumba or ice skating class. Learning a new skill helps us grow as a person and we may meet like minded people at these places because of it (thus a bonus benefit of making friends!).

Helps prevents cognitive decline

Although there is no cure for dementia, regular exercise has an impact in preventing it. Certain chemicals in our brain are released during exercise which help support and prevent the degeneration of the hippocampus which is a region vital to learning and memory.

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