Looking After Your Mental Health This Christmas

How Can Christmas impact our mental health? Although Christmas is traditionally a period of joy, friends and family celebrating together, and festive fun, it isn't for everyone. We might feel sad if we've lost someone close to us that we'd usually celebrate the day with. We might be battling our own wars with eating disorders,... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Music on Mental Health

Most people realise the power music has – to bring people closer together, make us sing and dance in elation – therefore it is logical it has a positive effect on our mental health. Music makes us happy, because of its relatable or dance-able lyrics imposed onto a catchy melody. What if I told you... Continue Reading →

How Gardening Can Boost Your Wellbeing

With many of us resigned to spending much of our leisure time behind our front doors right now, we need to be more creative with how we spend our time. We can only have so many Zoom hangouts and long walks to nowhere, before we yearn to do something different. You might associate gardening with... Continue Reading →

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 Explained

What Is It? The Mental Capacity Act 2005 was passed by the UK government to protect those whom are unable to make decisions for their own care or lifestyle. It applies to anyone over 16 with mental health problems, dementia, learning disabilities, stroke and/or brain injuries. The Act encourages people to make their own decisions... Continue Reading →

Why consistent exercise is great for your mental health

Exercising can produce a myriad of benefits, with the most blatant benefit being the impact on your physical health. It does a lot more than toning our glutes so our legs look amazing in that dress though. It has a tremendous impact on our mental health, and it is now widely known that plenty of... Continue Reading →

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