Dyscalculia – The Lesser Known Developmental Disorder

You might be wondering what this vampire like word means, like so many other people. Dyscalculia is a learning disorder that can often be co-occurring with ADHD, dyslexia or dyspraxia. The DSM-5 defines Dyscalculia as a specific learning disorder, an impediment in mathematics, evidencing problems with: Number senseMemorisation of arithmetic factsAccurate and fluent calculationAccurate math... Continue Reading →

Why is so much Psychology research WEIRD?

What Does WEIRD Mean? You may be thinking I’m referring to the Stanford Prison experiment or Andrew Wakefield scandal when I call research weird, but no, I’m referring to the more subtle unacknowledged form of weird in numerous psychology studies which stands for western, educated, and from industrialized, rich, and democratic countries. Much research needing... Continue Reading →

Be VANE To Be Happier

What is VANE? If you’re feeling stressed, low or anxious, the last thing that would be on your mind would be to voluntarily scare yourself senseless somehow or partake in VANE, but perhaps that’s the solution. VANE stands for Voluntary Arousing Negative Experience and research seems to indicate this could lead us to better cope... Continue Reading →

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