And We Have Lift Off

Ever since I was a kid, I could never sleep the night before an early morning flight. The excitement of going on holiday was too strong and won over the weaker need for sleep. This has not changed as I have grown older but arguably not so much wiser, as nothing can get me to... Continue Reading →

LGBT Travel – Around The Globe

If you identify as member of the LGBTQAI+ group, you may often feel you’re restricted to travelling to certain countries, especially if in a same sex couple. Whilst LGBT acceptance is increasing throughout the world, there are still many places where it remains illegal or is incredibly dangerous. No one wants to be reminded that... Continue Reading →

A trip to Madeira

I have been to mainland Portugal before but this little gem of an island surprised me. I was expecting Lisbon with even better weather (as it shares the same longitude as Morocco), typically yellow sandy beaches and similar flora and fauna to home. What I did see was far more spectacular. Yes, I could see... Continue Reading →

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