Is veganism causing harm to the planet?

There is a trend of veganism on the rise. The days of there being no choice of a vegetarian option and vegan substitutes being unavailable are rapidly diminishing. The taunts of surviving on rabbit food are slowly being replaced with some awe at your endurance for being on the sixth month of your dietary change.... Continue Reading →

Improve the Environment and Your Wallet – Reusing the Desi Way

Biscuit tins and margarine tubs may hold its traditional products initially, but to a large Asian minority offer familiar surprises of samosa‚Äôs, sewing supplies or other household wares. Many of our parents saw the multipurpose nature of such packaging and the potential savings they could make by not buying a matching set of plastic containers.... Continue Reading →

Veganism In Our Closets

Veganism has been on the rise throughout our cafes, restaurants and supermarkets for a number of years now. Meat free substitutes, healthy grains and avocados are all the rage right now. However, veganism is also causing a revolution in our wardrobe, footwear and handbag choices. There has been a substantial increase of products registering with... Continue Reading →

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