I Had COVID – Thankfully I Was Vaccinated

I am a young, healthy 26-year-old that caught covid back in July on my birthday. This was after having two covid jabs – and I am incredibly grateful to the vaccine for reducing the impact of my symptoms and risk of hospitalisation. Back in December 2020, I was lucky to receive the Versace of vaccines,... Continue Reading →

A World Transformed

Eerily empty streets punctuated with people in small pockets.Grocery stores, off licenses and takeaways are the only establishments that draw a breath.They’re the only places reaping any kind of the profits,Amidst a row full of shutters, to help slow the rate of burgeoning death. It’s Saturday night and with few people scattered around,I take in... Continue Reading →

Corona virus: Travelling to a Land of Lock down

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com Whilst most foreign travel requires a flight/train ticket, luggage and typically planning in advance, many of us have suddenly found ourselves plunged into our living rooms. It looks the same, smells the same, but feels foreign and there are new social customs to adhere too. There are new laws... Continue Reading →

Look Out For Others During This Corona Crisis

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com The Hunger Games Bog Roll Brawl's Look at the shelves of your local supermarket and you’ll be greeted with scenes straight out of a zombie apocalypse movie. People have been stockpiling out of fear and panic due to the creeping coronavirus. No one knows what’s going to happen or how... Continue Reading →

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