The Psychological Impact of Having Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition that you can find out more about here. It can affect psychological functioning in many ways, both before and after diagnosis. Anxiety, depression and fatigue are commonly reported prior to diagnosis for many reasons including: Malnutrition and vitamin deficiency Damaged gut villi cannot properly process and assimilate a number... Continue Reading →

What is Trichotilomania?

The Anguish Of It It’s tense, stressful. You’re feeling panicked, all too aware that you’re sitting on your hands to prevent further pulling. You shift side to side in your seat nervously, whilst resisting moving your palms away. You try distracting yourself, and try to think about something else, anything else. Eventually, you can’t take... Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Blast Gymphobia

Stepping into a gym for the first time can take a great deal of courage for many of us. We may fear looking foolish, be self-conscious or think we may not enjoy it. We may have no idea what any of those machines do or how they work, but there was a first time for... Continue Reading →


I feel lostSlightly b r ok e n insideAs if something’s been smashed to smithereensOr the rock pumping my blood is slowly imploding Yet there’s a burning sensationA fickle yet encouraging ray of hopeDeceptive? Probably.But not enough to stop me waiting for something ExtraOrdinaryWhich will help break the barriersI built around me Hush the tearsDry... Continue Reading →

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