Corona virus: Travelling to a Land of Lock down

Photo by Anna Shvets on Whilst most foreign travel requires a flight/train ticket, luggage and typically planning in advance, many of us have suddenly found ourselves plunged into our living rooms. It looks the same, smells the same, but feels foreign and there are new social customs to adhere too. There are new laws... Continue Reading →

Look Out For Others During This Corona Crisis

Photo by Burst on The Hunger Games Bog Roll Brawl's Look at the shelves of your local supermarket and you’ll be greeted with scenes straight out of a zombie apocalypse movie. People have been stockpiling out of fear and panic due to the creeping coronavirus. No one knows what’s going to happen or how... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day As A British Asian

This day of women (and men, hopefully!) in solidarity to advocate for women’s rights means something different to everybody, both around the world and to women living side by side in the same cities. Whilst we should be advocating for gender equality around the year, today is a good day to celebrate how far we... Continue Reading →

Why is so much Psychology research WEIRD?

What Does WEIRD Mean? You may be thinking I’m referring to the Stanford Prison experiment or Andrew Wakefield scandal when I call research weird, but no, I’m referring to the more subtle unacknowledged form of weird in numerous psychology studies which stands for western, educated, and from industrialized, rich, and democratic countries. Much research needing... Continue Reading →

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