Veganism In Our Closets

Veganism has been on the rise throughout our cafes, restaurants and supermarkets for a number of years now. Meat free substitutes, healthy grains and avocados are all the rage right now. However, veganism is also causing a revolution in our wardrobe, footwear and handbag choices. There has been a substantial increase of products registering with... Continue Reading →

Traveling as a Vegetarian

I went to Madeira in August 2019, where the cuisine of choice for many is their fresh seafood. As a vegetarian myself and travelling with a large group of predominantly vegetarian family members, finding a suitable restaurant proved a challenge almost trickier to achieve than completing one of their famous levada walks. With some planning... Continue Reading →

Brunching on the South Side of the River

Smashed avocado on toast, latte art, sprinkles of chia seeds and the perfect Instagram filter. Brunch has really cemented itself as a fixture on our Sunday mornings and on our timelines. What may have begun as a relaxed lazy way to nurse your hangover or enjoy your Sunday morning has now become a race to... Continue Reading →

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