6 Simple Ways to Treat LOW Blood Pressure

Whilst low blood pressure or hypo-tension, is far rarer than high blood pressure, it can still occur. Some common causes include; nutritional deficiencies, prolonged bed rest and pregnancy. If it dips too low, it could potentially lead to shock, kidney failure, stroke or heart attack. If you have no symptoms (which may include dizziness, concentration difficulties or fatigue), low blood pressure signals good health. Luckily there are many simple lifestyle changes to increase your blood pressure in a healthy manner, if needed.

Increase your salt intake

There is no need to go overboard as too much can lead to high blood pressure, but adding a little extra salt when cooking or using this as the perfect excuse to add a sprinkle of salt to your chips can go a long way.

Eat smaller, more frequent meals

Eating smaller meals but more often can stop your blood pressure falling as it prevents a drop in a blood pressure associated with eating larger, heavier meals.

Avoid alcohol

Swapping those cocktails for mocktails may be worth it both for our wallets and blood pressure. Alcohol tends to reduce it so it is best to not drink to excess.

Drink more water

Like with anything, water can help most things in our body. Drinking more water would increase our blood volume, thus increase the pressure in our vessels.

Compression socks

Compression stockings or socks can help reduce the amount of blood that gets gathered in the lower legs and feet, by increasing circulation and shifting it elsewhere. They can be purchased easily online.

Speaking to your GP

If you are really worried, your GP will be able to provide you with medication if necessary and other ways to deal with hypotension.

For More Information, visit Medical News Today

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