Getting a Carer’s Assessment in the UK

Are You a Carer?

You’re chronically overworked, over stressed and overstretched. You may be looking after someone with mental health, mobility or another problem and are always looking for ways to help them, but don’t give yourself a moment to think about your needs, so you’ve not even sought out support out there for yourself.

Does this sound familiar? You may not even realise if you are a carer, but if you assist someone with washing or dressing, take them to doctors’ appointments, or watch over someone that can’t be left alone; these are a few things that make you one. If you’re over 18, you can get a free assessment. It is usually face to face and conducted by the council or an organisation in connection with the council. They will ask how you are coping and how caring affects your physical and mental health, work, free time and relationships.

What Help Can I Get?

They can recommend many things to further support you such as advice on benefits, putting you in touch with local support groups, or even help with taxi fares if you don’t drive. The help they can potentially provide could be invaluable, because it will both enable you to look after the person you care for better, and will act to put less emotional and financial strain on you so that you can better enjoy life too.

If you would like someone with you throughout the process, you can apply for an advocate or take a trusted friend with you. Assessment results are usually given in a week and you will get a care plan written up if you qualify. You can contact your local council for further advice or visit the NHS guide to Carers Assessments.

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