Meeting Mary Jane in Amsterdam

The Legal Bit

Smoking, ingesting or consuming marijuana in some shape or form is almost a rite of passage for anyone visiting the canal lined city of Amsterdam. Whilst many tourists may assume the drug is legal here, it is actually decriminalised and the majority of coffee shops are highlighted with a green and white sticker in the window. It can’t be Iegal because EU rules forbid it to be. I partook in this relaxing activity recently (responsibly of course!) and decided to share my experience.

Easy Breezy Times

After traipsing the streets, I stumbled upon (meaning I had of course confirmed online this was good quality place), Easy times. This coffee shop has some potent good quality weed and was a chilled out, unpretentious, spacious place to be in. I hadn’t consumed it on my last visit despite it being the first thing on many people list. This time however, I let myself go as high as a kite, giggling through the canal lined streets, with a different type of perspective. Seeing Banksy’s exhibition at the Moco Museum in this state only enhanced my appreciation of his art and messages he spreads. Strolling the streets aimlessly and relaxed allowed me to immerse myself in the laidback nature of Dam.

From The Calm

Of course the high wore off throughout the day and the high the THC brings was gradually supplanted with a sense of calm from the CBD and the city itself. I took in breaths of the fresh ganja-scented air which I can only assume is a contributing factor of the sense of harmony in the city. I mean, the harmony might go out of the window if you’re one of the many tourists that lose your bike in the canals due to being drunk or high or if you get lairy, loud and generally disrespectful that people actually live here and it’s not just a hedonistic playground. If you’re mindful though, you can have a nice high without being a nuisance.

To The Euphoria

Having space cakes several hours later however made me go from a near frantic state to ecstatically laughing within the space of 2 minutes. Different metabolisms can influence the onset of the high and after over 2 hours of thinking I had brought a cake in which the most potent ingredient was sadly only the chocolate, I put in my headphones and was transported to my own private concert. The layers in the music were far more distinctive and had an orchestral quality to them. This was all occurring on a bus to Bruges where my cousin who I was travelling with had to assist me with checking into our next hostel as I went through fits of giggles and disorientation. Once again, the time the effects take to ease off will vary from person to person, so you should always keep this in mind when planning your day of elevating yourself in Dam.

So Much Choice

There are many strains of weed but they are broadly categorized into indica and sativa strains with the former providing a more mellow high and the latter aiding a more euphoric high. Many are hybrids of the two and there are different strengths and amounts you can purchase. I had a more sativa based one as I wanted a cheerier, euphoric high and as someone who doesn’t regularly indulge; it was a preference I was more comfortable with. I’m no marijuana connoisseur, but the coffee shop employees will be more than happy to answer your questions and show you menus with their stock.

Be Safe

You can even take your own supply to a coffee shop as long as you buy something whilst there, such as a drink or snack. You could even go in there just for a snack…or snack infused with THC. It’s completely up to you 😉 Whatever you choose, just have a happy, safe high and if you’re a beginner, don’t walk before you run. You wouldn’t have 10 shots of tequila the first time you drink, so ease yourself in the high with a few puffs or bites to test your tolerance so that it’s enjoyable and somewhat rememberable.

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