Make Up

Eyelash curler. Make me look sharp.

Eyeliner. Define my eyes.

I want people to be surprised, change their perspective.

A touch of blush. Make my cheeks more definitive.

Cover up my pasty skin so people see I have emotions.

Though it appears embarrassment or humiliation may be more pronounced,

As the pink tinge should suggest if naturally occurring,

But this artificial hue exudes a manufactured air of confidence, of well-put-togetherness.

Concealer, of course, to hide and suppress your secrets,

Close the door on those skeletons

Whether they’re only the size of hills or mountains,

It’s something you want to retain.

It’s not just because you’re vain.

And lipstick. A pink or maroon if you just want to blend in.

Just to accentuate your grin.

Perhaps a red if you’re planning to head to bed or get ahead.

It’s the bolder decision as if not pulled of correctly,

May receive derision or an opinion division.

So there you have it, a 21st century mask.

Some call it an art to applaud, others are appalled,

And few are jealous if they can’t afford

The best or have to reveal a tiny portion of themselves.

They feel pressured to conceal and not be real,

Not show how they really feel and hide behind this façade

Just to prove they’re hard.

3 thoughts on “Make Up

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  1. The true beauty of a female isnt defined by the makeuo she wears or how she looks like. For me it all depends on the goodness of her heart. A beautiful & a very meaningful post indeed!

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