Dalgona Mocha: The Viral Trend with a Twist

As the option of dining out has been eliminated till further notice, many of us have retreated to our kitchens to create delicious dining experiences at home. This has also expanded to those decadently decorated instagrammable beverages we usually spend a small fortune on in the outside world. It feels like a distant memory when we were letting Starbucks and artisan coffee shops burn a small hole in our pockets.

The dalgona coffee recently went viral on Instagram with many self-made baristas showcasing the beverage as originally made and with their own variations. Originating in the Indian subcontinent with it being appropriately called beaten coffee there, popularised in South Korea and having similarities to the Greek Frappe, it’s no surprise the drink has gone viral worldwide amidst isolation a majority of us are facing.

Whip it. Whip it real goood.

The original drink has equal parts hot water, instant coffee and sugar, with two spoonful’s of each. The ingredients are then mixed speedily with an electrical mixer or with a whisk that will give your arm about a 20 minute workout, until they reach a light golden colour and form stiff peaks of froth. This is then scooped on top of hot milk or cold milk with ice. I used the Nescafe Gold blend, which may have contributed to its richer aroma and smoother taste.

I tried the original first time round and it was satisfying. Even my dad liked it and claimed it tasted similar to a cappuccino, which in India, is another name for the beaten coffee. With something so easy to make with ingredients I do not have to leave my house for (another plus for it during quarantine times), it was all too tempting to make it again. It’s especially handy for when you need a caffeine boost, as it has two spoons of the coffee granules. However this time, I decided to add a few other things I had in my cupboard.

Wait for this miraculous frothy transformation.

By adding hot chocolate powder, again two spoons of this and a drop of vanilla essence, I created a mocha that wouldn’t stand out in a stylish coffee shop. The froth tasted even smoother, the bitterness of the coffee and sweetness of everything else perfectly complementing each other like yin and yang tasted more delightful with every sip. I also opted to have it over cold mix this time and had less of it, which I think enhanced the flavours of the froth. This dalgona mocha was an ideal pick me up and increased my calcium intake. With the added chocolate powder and aromatic vanilla essence, it could have made a delectable dessert, even though I was having it at midday.

This drink has become the official drink of the global corona isolation and it is something I will definitely make more of, given how easy it is to whip up and it can add a little pizzazz to an otherwise dreary day at home. It also allows us to connect globally on virtual platforms as we know others are basking in the same delight of discovering this drink, whipping it up and sharing the experience by kicking back with the same beverage in hand. Perhaps the third time I make it, I’ll have it with a home-baked cake once I get my hands on some of the rarity that is self-raising flour (A.K.A gold dust) and introduce it to others over a Houseparty ;).

Then scoop onto milk and some ice, ice, baby!

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