Corona virus: Travelling to a Land of Lock down

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Whilst most foreign travel requires a flight/train ticket, luggage and typically planning in advance, many of us have suddenly found ourselves plunged into our living rooms. It looks the same, smells the same, but feels foreign and there are new social customs to adhere too. There are new laws which now govern our existence to adjust to and a new way of life to follow. Around the world, this change of pace is feeling alien to all of us concurrently.

The corona virus has triggered a cataclysmic change to many of us economically, socially and emotionally in different ways. Some of you may be fortunate to be working from home, some of you might now be facing temporary unemployment and some of you will be endangering your lives by providing the rest of us with healthcare, groceries and other essential services. Whatever situation you are in, you will be spending a lot more time at home than usual, as many countries are now in a lock down now.

What are we supposed to do now that we can’t meet our friends for that post work drink or check out the new movie at the cinema? We can’t even enjoy a meal outside or hug our loved ones if we don’t live with them. Thankfully we live in the age of the internet, and can provide ourselves with ways to keep entertained and in touch with people. By reminding ourselves of this and framing it as something more positive, we can try to make the most of this surreal experience in the following ways.

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Bask in the Sun

Madam Gaia is definitely teasing us with a bountiful sunshine ever since social distancing measures came afoot. Typically you’d see the beer belly and more of men traipsing topless in the sun, and a parade of people on the UK’s beaches, large parks and pubs. Now these places are eerily quiet, but you can still catch some rays in your garden or local park. You can do activities you could typically do solo, like reading, listening to music or watching something, whilst absorbing your vitamin C. There’s no rule against enjoying this with a cold cider or beer either.

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Learn Something New

Whether it’s sewing or web developing, there are endless Youtube tutorials, online classes (I’ve signed up to several on Udemy) and how-to guide’s online now. Use these as a starting skill to learn something new and since we can’t go anywhere, you may even master it before the lockdown is over. Use the time you would usually use to commute to practice a language on Duolingo, or the drinking time you would usually spend with your friends on a coding course.

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Instagram/Tik Tok Challenges

You know you’ve seen them, probably partaken in them at some point and then berated yourself for spending ever so long on trying to work out what exactly those emoji’s were meant to spell. Now is not the time to make yourself feel guilty for indulging in some light-hearted amusement. Film yourself doing those push ups, kicking that bog roll (that you will use and hopefully is not part of a stock pile), play the games circulating Whatsapp (they’re certainly more enjoyable than the fake news being sent at lightning speed) all whilst loading up Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Savage’ before you do a choreographed routine for TikTok.

Fresh out of my oven

Learn How To Cook

I mean, this really is a necessary life skill, but now that Nando’s and Carluccio’s have closed their doors on us, we don’t really have a choice but to cook more, unless you’re able to run up an astronomical Uber Eats bill. Try to experiment with different cuisines and perhaps buy different types of foods to lesson how much you rely on certain staples. It could also be a lovely dinner date for you and your partner, if you add some candles and dress up a little.

I recommend this whole trilogy!

Read More

One of my favourite indoor pursuits, but there never seems to be any time to just curl up with a good book usually. Now there’s no excuse as we’re forced to stay to our couch, cosy up with a blanket and can transport ourselves to anywhere in the world or any time period through printed pages and an imagination. Reading can keep us immersed for ours and it will definitely make a change from a Netflix or Disney+ binge.

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Help your community

If you have the time, are healthy and able enough and feel like you can contribute to your community in any way, this is the time for us to all pull together and love thy neighbour. Whether that’s joining your local Covid 19 Mutual Aid group, cooking/buying some dinners for a neighbour that’s not been able to get food (leave it on the door step and let them know via a knock or phone call), donating food/money to the foodbanks or NHS in your area or even just letting people know you’re willing to lend a hand, can be small things you can do to make a tremendous impact to people around you.

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Make a Post Lockdown List

Something to look forward to, can be a great antidote to get through these dreadfully dystopian days. I have been making a list of everything I want to do when we are able to enjoy the outdoors again. The uncertainty of how life could change again at any moment means we cannot plan for much, but having a list for when this is over can help remind us that this will be over at some point. When that time comes, we will relish in the joys we once took for granted and I for one want to make the most of every moment.

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Re-evaluate Your Life

Before the coronavirus entrapped us in this lockdown of sorts, we were all leading our typical daily lives and after we are relinquished, many of us are likely to return to that life, but many lives may also be transformed forever. This is somewhat dependent on our career, so now is a great time to really decide what you want to do with your life. Whether it’s a fresh start and you want to venture into a new field of work, travel, set up your own business, go back to education, now you can really research your choices and take your time to figure out those next steps. Even if the change is just that you want to request being able to work from home more (because now we know just how possible that is), now is the time to carefully consider your life post coronavirus and what you want it to be.

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