Pretty in Pink at Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen immediately conjures up images of pretty pink flowers, dainty pink cutlery and an adorable explosion of pink. It is one of the girliest, busiest, most instagrammed bakeries in London. I have passed it many times and seen queues of people lining up to get a lick of their cakes (and to have a photo session by the front door of course).

On my visit, I was lucky to get a table immediately and took far longer to decide which scrumptious cake would most be worthy. Their menu featured an array of cupcakes and layer cakes, with several being award winners. After much deliberation, I went with a light lemon, raspberry and rose layer cake whilst my cousin went with an indulgent chocolate heaven cupcake, both Great Taste Award Winner of 2019 and 2011 respectively.

Whilst hearing less than enthused stories of the service here, I was pleasantly surprised to receive lovely service from our waiter, who was polite and attentive. There was extra seating at the back and I realised they were busier than they appeared to be from the front, but as it was a weekday and mid-morning, they were clearly used to being much busier.

My cake arrived and perfectly complemented the décor as my buttercream was a baby pink colour. It was garnished with a dried rose petal and succulent raspberry. I eagerly took my first forkful, and found the sweet, light buttercream balanced the moist fluffy cake well. The lemon flavour was sublime, by not being too sharp or too subtle. There could have been more of a rose flavour in the mix however as expected more rose than just the garnish. The amount of buttercream was just right though, as Goldilocks might say.

I tried a bite of my cousin’s cupcake and found the cake to be fluffy, indulgent but not sickly how some chocolate cakes can easily fall into the trap of being. Her buttercream towered to a height to rival the cupcake itself! It was topped with chocolate balls, and looked ready to devour by any chocoholic.

Whilst, I have had delicious cakes for a cheaper price, Peggy Porshen clearly offers the ambient atmosphere and scrumptiously delightful looking décor too. Even after we finished our cakes, we weren’t rushed to leave and could relax for a short while. Its prime location near Victoria coach station and just a stone’s throw away from the rail station, make it both easy to get to and enjoy a slice with a view. Inside is great for when it’s cold outside (so nearly always in London) and outside is great for people watching.

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