Look at me.
What do you see?
A tall slender white woman?
That means I’ve won the genetic lottery,
According to the majority of society that view me.
History has left a legacy that may not be as visible,
But like phantom limbs, still remain.

What if you looked at me and saw a beige girl trying to become a model?
Make me your token Tyra
So you can fill your 4% ‘coloured’ quota?
Or indirectly discriminate and tell me I don’t have ‘the look’?
Of course the 2010 Equality act makes it evident we’ve come a long way,
But there are still biased people we encounter every day.

They think they’re right,
Think in terms of black and white,
And don’t acknowledge the varying shades of grey,
Are beautiful too.
What if I was shaped like an apple or minute-glass?
Ironically if I was big boned, I’d get told to shed my fat,
But if I was obese this would be politically incorrect.
How is that?

How can society have this double standard where some women are criticized,
For not being the right size,
Yet we have a small number who find it ok,
To have thighs unhealthily made out of fries?
You don’t know where on the scale from 0 to 100 you belong,
Because whatever you are, you’ll think at some point its wrong.
And after seeing Beyoncé claim black is beautiful,
You’ll wonder why you hear of her wearing lightening cream.
You’ll see Kate moss traipsing along the street
And realize in photos she’s been airbrushed from her head to feet.

Don’t be surprised when you realize this affects 78% of girls self-esteem,
Influencing them to reach some unattainable ideal of perfection,
Making it their lifelong dream.
And industries play on their insecurities,
As corporations try to sell various amenities,
Advertising products that change your recognisability,
Without realising the grave severity.

Instead why can’t society advocate that it’s who you are that makes you great.
Beauty is not in your shade of melanin or size,
It is something which radiates from inside,
Thus giving you that warm glow on the outside,
Using your heart and soul as a basis,
For a more valid judgement of beauty.

I wrote this 6 years ago in 2014 and feel this is still valid today. More shapes, sizes and colours of beautiful people are being represented in the media, but there are so many people still attempting to obtain the perfect curves, hiding eating disorders, tanning themselves till baked ‘perfectly’ golden brown or lightening with Fair and Lovely till ‘perfectly’ pale. We all need to find a way to be content in ourselves and see our own unique beautiful soul instead of a glorified, plastic image corporations try to sell us into imitating.

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