Perfect Harmony

Your care for each other is seen as soon as you both wake
As you have your first phone call of the day
Your partnership is a true meeting of the minds
Like yin and yang, you both synchronize
Your joy is seen when you sing along with each other in the car
Or when you’re both dancing together at the bar

Both in perfect harmony
Simultaneously best friends and life partners so effortlessly
It’s not just from all of this, that I know you’ll love each other till you’re old and grey
But from how you look at each other, still in the same way
As you did 7 years ago, so effervescently

Your love is not just as beautiful as a flower in full bloom
But it’s as strong as the roots they grow from
You both make a perfect bride and groom
And from today, you’ll embark on the most marvelous adventure,
In which your compassion will never falter.

Thus it is inconceivable that you could ever part
Because since you first met, your roots have gradually entwined
The threads of your hearts have gradually been sewn together
And the two of you have become seamlessly aligned.
I wish you both years of marital bliss.
Rich with laughter, tenderness and happiness.

Dedicated to my sister, Shivangi (or as we lovingly call her, Pinky) and brother in law, Aman. I read this at their civil wedding and could barely contain my tears. Their relationship is one of the happiest, most joyful and sweetest I have had the honour to witness. I am sure this poem will ring as true in another 50 years as it did in 2018 when I penned it.

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