First Meal in Brussels – Peck 47: A Review

At the start of January, 2020, I decided to quit my job, travel for a bit and regain some clarity in life. It was the first day of my European travels and despite the lack of sleep, I was running of an adrenaline rush fuelled by my thirst to see the sights, explore the culture and have some tasty food to line my stomach for the beer later. I was in Brussels with my cousin, hungry for adventure…and food. I needed something to sustain me for the day ahead and like any blogger who’s worth their HTML domain; I had researched a worthy brunch café.

Peck 47 topped many a list so after the arduous 30 minute wait in the cold, we were inside. What greeted us was an instagram delight, with pop cultural art work on the walls and well-presented plates all around. The vegetarian in me was delighted with the several options available and I went for the Veggie Peck Special, consisting of Portobello mushrooms, poached eggs, creamy spinach, and ‘psycho sauce’ atop a waffle (because it is Belgium after all) with salad on the side.

The eggs were perfectly cooked, and spinach tasted devilishly too good to be healthy, however something was amiss. The salad was left fairly limp and the portion could have been a larger or included more for the price. The twist of it being on the waffle tasted good and was novel and whilst the quality of what was on the plate was worth half of the queue to get inside, the quantity was not.

I hadn’t ordered one of their instagrammable drinks where all the favourites make a colourful appearance, including turmeric, beetroot and matcha. They seemed overpriced but I couldn’t make a fair judgement since I hadn’t tried them. If you’re in the area, it is definitely worth a try, but maybe get some frites to add to your belly after.

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