Tips For Pre-Travel Stress

Whilst travelling can allow us to explore new cultures, see exciting landmarks and have some respite from our everyday routine in a different country, it can also bring stress for some of us. Travelling can force us to step out of our comfort zone, be it because we’re going somewhere we don’t know the language, the culture may be far different from our own or we may be travelling solo.

Being prepared as much as possible can really help ease this anxiety so that when we step onto the plane, we can feel excited about the journey instead of worrying if it will go smoothly.

Details, Details, Details

Starting from the initial booking, it helps to know exactly when your flights are and where you will be staying. You can check your journey to your hotel from the airport so you know the best way to get there comfortably. Leaving a copy of flight and accommodation documents with someone in case of an emergency is also a good idea.


Ensure you will have enough money for your trip and you have a backup source in case it is necessary. Cards like Starling, Monzo and Revolut are now perfect for travelling as the money can be converted in almost any currency.


Ensure you don’t leave your packing to the last minute so if you need to buy anything, you can get it in advance. If travelling hand luggage only, it is a good idea to pack liquids separately and keep it at the top of your suitcase or in your handbag, so security goes smoother. Keep a spare padlock for your day bag too.

Lift Off

The fear of flying is common for many, but there are things you can do to combat this. If it is severe, you could talk to a flight attendant about it, but sometimes downloading something to watch on your phone can be enough of a distraction. Even having a comfortable neck pillow, eye mask and lower priced snack from duty free can be all that’s needed if it’s not a fear of flying you’re fighting, but just dread being holed up in a tight space for several hours.

Communication is Key

Being able to communicate with the locals in your destination can really enhance your experience, understanding of and immersion in the country. Learning basic phrases and downloading a translation app can go a long way to help you navigate yourself and maybe even make a friend.


Having a rough plan can make you feel more settled and allow you to look more forward to your trip so research what you would like to do beforehand and their locations, prices and opening times. Museums in certain cities can all be closed on a Sunday or Monday so if you’re a bit of a culture vulture, it’s worth checking beforehand so you can plan accordingly. Ensure you’re aware of bus schedules and how you’ll be getting around the area.

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